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We are truly DEFI / DAO and share 50% of any revenues with you.
With us, your voice is heard and your vote counts.

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1. Introduction

Staking the native token while having it “liquid”, creates a situation where higher EGLD staking percentages would effect an overall higher network security, while allowing capitalization of said locked assets, which wouldn’t have been previously possible.
Staked EGLD represents a locked asset, which can be unlocked through VestaX.Finance™. Users who stake EGLD through VestaX.Finance™ get spendable vEGLD according to the Ratio of vEGLD/EGLD in the Liquid-Staking SC, termed the Liquid-Index™.
Having a free and liquid asset, to use anytime without loosing EGLD staking rewards, will unlock a never before seen amount of liquidity for users, further empowering the economy of MultiversX™. This will be a range of services from providing DEX Aggregator services, to minting synthetic stable coins, etc. (e.g. minting synthetic stable coin by staking vEGLD).

2. Goals

Invaluable goals that VestaX.Finance™ aims to achieve:

01. Allowing users to earn staking rewards without locking their liquidity.
02. To use vEGLD as a building block for other entities and other decentralized applications and protocols (e.g. collateralized lending, stable swap, liquidity pool yield farming and other DEFI solutions).
03. Allow users a more efficient capital usage via liquid staking assets.
04. Create a plethora of other derivative assets as well as an algorithmic synthethic stable coin.
05. Unlock untapped liquidity from illiquid assets to boost trade and economy in MultiversX™.

3. VestaX.Finance™ Liquid NFTs

Liquid NFTs will act as governance Token in the VestaX.Finance™ DAO, as such their owners will decide on proposals and future developments of the VestaX.Finance™ DAO.

Funding received through the NFT sale will be used to cover development costs, maintenance, and marketing, but mostly to empower the Staking Agency that operates behind the curtains, generating profits from staking for the protocol.
To make the vEGLD token useful, an ecosystem will have to be created around it, and VestaX.Finance™ will attempt to create this ecosystem, spreading its usage as wide as possible (e.g. Listing it on other DEXes and/or CEXes).

4. Architecture

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VestaX.Finance™ consists of several parts:

01. vEGLD, VST Token, VST NFTs
02. EGLD Staking and vEGLD minting (immediately) by the Liquid-Staking SC
03. EGLD Withdrawal and vEGLD minting (10-11 days Duration) by the Liquid-Staking SC
04. EGLD/vEGLD Liquidity Pool (to be added at a later date) for immediate vEGLD to EGLD conversion, (bypassing the 10 days Duration for a fee)
05. Vesta X Token for Platform incentives (name and functionality in Q1 2023)
06. Future EGLD-vEGLD-LP/vEGLD/VST Valuation via multiple farming opportunities (e.g. synthetic algorithmic stable currencies, OUROBOROS, etc.)

Profits Distribution

VestaX.Finance™ will make Profits from:

• Running the Staking Agency.
• Reserving 10% from the staking revenues.
• 20% from all fees generated on the DEX.

This Profits will be distributed:

• 45% to the 7000 Liquid NFTs (5% to Company)
• 50% to Demiourgos.Holdings™
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4.1. Stake Deposit Flow

This example depicts a Liquid-Index™ of 1.200, meaning you get 83.33 vEGLD for depositing 100 EGLD:

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vEGLD Claiming

Unstaking EGLD from the Liquid-Staking SC will not release it immediately, but after an unstaking period of 10-11 Days, just like unstaking from a Staking Provider would happen.

The quantity of EGLD released depends on the amount of vEGLD selected for unstake and on the Liquid-Index™ at the time the unstaking was executed.

4.2. vEGLD/EGLD Pool

5. Tokenomics

Day 1, or the 1st 24 Hours will be the only time where users will be able to stake EGLD in the Liquid-Stake Smart-Contract and benefit from the lowest possible Liquid-Index™, thus getting the highest amount possible of vEGLD for their staked EGLD. Staking rewards will compound and the Liquid-Index™ will grow, making vEGLD value in EGLD grow on a permanent basis.

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6. Roadmap and Future Utilities

Expected APR of the initial version of Liquid staking is roughly 8%.

The APR of the validators is around 13% so validators and delegate providers take around 5%. If we run our own validators, we can increase the APR of Liquid staking up to 10%.

Increasing APR from 8-10% is a big deal for liquid staking users.
Listing on decentralized exchanges is crucial for giving vEGLD a large exposure. The more users engange with vEGLD, the more robust the protocol becomes. Our goal is to unlock a large untapped liquidity in the MultiversX™ Blockchain and for users to freely spend and utilize the value of their assets at the same time getting rewards for staking.

Centralized exchanges (Binance, Coinbase, Kucoin, Coinzix) are also on the list of priorities once token volume is large enough.


The creative people behind Demiourgos.Holdings VestaX.Finance™

Paul Arion

CEO & Cofounder
Demiourgos Holdings
Paul Arion on IMBD

Florian Anghel

Head of Vision & Cofounder
Demiourgos Holdings
Florian A. Anghel on IMBD

Ancient Hodler

of Tokenomics
Demiourgos Holdings Tokenomics

Sandulache Dumitru

Head of
Coding Division
Sandulache Dumitru on Linkedin

Kent Arai

Team Lead
Coding Division
Kent Arai on Linkedin

Alexandru Bolog

Web 3
Alexandru Bolog on Linkedin

Sorin Craciun

Art Director, illustrator, concept art designer
Sorin Craciun @ Elanul Galben

Bogdan Hladiuc

Sound Designer,
music composer, mixing
Bogdan Hladiuc on IMBD